The End of the World

The next dream was 1996 and it was much more comprehensive:

There I saw myself standing in white robes, outside a famous eatery in my hometown. Beside me sat several people on a bench. They all had at least one article of clothing that was white. It was summer, it was warm, the grass was green, smelled asphalt and on the bench had a small radio that they were listening to. I saw that they were listening to some great news, maybe sports?

Suddenly the radio station just died and the girl who had the radio was trying to get into any other radio station, but none was heard. And I said - Someone has detonated a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere. The feeling of contented activities that previously characterized their lives, gave way to fear. People tried in vain to get hold of a radio that worked. But all the radios were dead.

So I moved forward in time. It was autumn and the general mobilization. They had developed a system for communicating via the flags, because all the electronics were eliminated. The military feared that Sweden would be attacked from the air. Everyone was impatient waiting for the bombers. But they did not show up. Winter came and went, but no seizures.

In the spring, I was delegated to lead a reconnaissance troop that would observe the sky using binoculars long. All of my reconnaissance troop had full war equipment and green camoflage dresses. It was clear that now was the risk of an attack very large.

Suddenly there was a soldier who shouted that he had seen something in the air. It proved to be a big shiny silver "cigar" approaching quickly. Everyone was surprised. Suddenly it shot out a powerful beam of light on my soldiers in the squad and he flew away into the craft, to a soldier who was standing some distance away from me and suddenly it was my turn to make an air journey.

When I awoke, I was naked in a hermetically sealed glass cage and a woman of 25-30 years of age came in and did some research on my body. Weak and tired, I was headed then by the woman to a storage room, where other naked men lying on the floor. - You are tired because of change in enviroment, lie down and rest so you'll be much more alert then she said, and locked the door. Several of the men were asleep, some half asleep. I could not resist fatigue, but fell asleep himself.

I woke up out that another woman had thrown clothes on me and asked me to get dressed and come out. I was fresh and alert when I came out dressed. She explained that she would be my hostess and show me around the space ship. She was from another world, though she looked like a man. While we were there, she said that everything I saw on board the space ship was on a much like in real life, though simplified for my level of knowledge. She said that she looks pretty much like in real life, as I saw her.

Along the outer wall, there were windows with moldings around onkring. I saw landscapes and water down there and I saw the clouds a bit further away. They were below the spacecraft. Then we went to a wall and a door flew up into the wall, there was a TV and she told me to watch it.

I first saw the Swedish Government, they walked in a room, they seemed very worried. Then I saw the Norwegian government and they were sick, but all the buildings remained intact. - It depends on the radiation coming from the new bomb, as your scientists have developed, she said.

Then I saw a sequence before the war, where the country that had invented the bomb shelter was built which contained a metal sheild that was 2-3 cm thick. I knew it was a protection to the radiation from the new bomb. The walls were too thin to protect against a nuclear bomb. But the rooms seemed to protect against chemical and biological weapons, given all the filters they put up.

I never saw any uniformed who built the rooms, but they looked like ordinary workers. Then I had to re-examine the Swedish Government and they were as worried and they walked in the room. They looked lethargic out and they seemed to have given up hope.

While I was talking was an Italian doctor by. Weeping, he said he had just recently beamed up from Italy, after he found that there was nothing more to do, for the sick - they were dying. Then he showed Italy the TV screen and the University he had studied at the Milano, several years ago. It was then that he had heard of me. The man had an innate corruption of the right hand. I was very moved by what he said.

After that conversation, we went three together over to the other side of the spaceship. My hostess asked me to open and step through one of the doors. I did and to my delight I saw a big crowd and I knew all! I had met them before, they were from different continents. and I visited several and I saw that The Italian started talking to one of them. But my hostess was not there. Then I saw a man and a woman who was "semi-material" I started crying with happiness. The woman was so long, so that when I would hough her, I reached almost the chest! She was probably 2.30 meters tall!

After I had been talking to the individuals in the room, I went out again. There was my hostess and I asked how it was possible that I recognized people I knew I'd never met before.

- What you see is an imagined future 10-15 years from now. There will be war, as you have seen if nothing is done about it.

- It is one thing that you must warn your people. Sweden should not join NATO, then the same horrible fate to befall you as Norwegians. We do not believe that the risk is so great, but it is possible, however. Then, one last thing I want to show you, and we went to a room at the end of the corridor.

- Now I leave you here, go in when you feel ready, she said and left. After a while I went in there and it proved to be of a private nature ....

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